Water Damage Photo Gallery

Large pipe in a commercial building ceiling with a large crack

Old Buildings will have old Pipes that Cause Leaks

A commercial building around the Love Field area of Dallas had a massive water leak that affected a number of floors.  The leak stemmed from a large crack in a pipe located in the ceiling of one of the offices.  It was related to the building cooling system.  The pipe and the system were old which not only caused a big issue but also made it challenging to turn off without turning off the water to the entire building.  

When it comes to old buildings, it is a good idea to have systems and pipes checked at least annually. Also, make sure that water shutoffs are known and contingencies are in place if the whole building can't be shut off.

Man in Tyvek Suit Crawling into a Crawlspace

Crawlspace Dry Out in Dallas

In the DFW area we have crawlspaces due to the shifting nature of our soil Crawlspaces add another potential opportunity for water intrusion to create damage. Ideally, a crawlspace is dry all year round due to good drainage and no leaks in the structure. When wet, especially for extended periods of time, the moisture can cause the subfloor and floor to buckle. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas team is often called in to dry out crawlspaces to reduce the damage inside the structure. This typically involves entering the crawlspace, removing standing water, placing air movers, ducting in hot, dry air while pulling out moist air. If you need assistance with a crawlspace dry out at your property, give us a call!

Thermal camera showing a wet bathroom wall

Irving Home has Sink Leak that Causes Water Damage in Several Rooms

A Dallas home in the Irving area had water damage to numerous rooms due to a bathroom sink leak. The renters woke up and stepped onto a carpet full of water.   Walking the home, they discovered it water had intruded into 2 bathrooms as well.  After consulting with the owner, SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was called to provide water damage mitigation services. Our onsite manager scanned the rooms to identify the extent of the damage, taking pictures to share with the out-of-town owner.  Baseboards were removed, air drying holes placed, carpet pulled back and carpet pad removed.  Water was extracted from the carpet, then air movers and a dehumidifier were placed for several days.

Constant communication was necessary with the owner and renter to get the job completed.  The owner was very happy that we were so prompt, were great communicators and very thorough.  Another satisfied customer for our great team!

Moisture meter on drywall in a home office

Sink Leak in Oak Cliff Remodeled Home

A new homeowner in a newly remodeled home had some visual water damage in her bathroom.  Based on our experience, we knew that water is very invasive and most likely spread to other rooms.  Upon further notice first using our thermal camera, we did quick scans on all walls and floors in adjoining rooms to identify potential water damage areas. We then followed this up with our moisture meter to verify our findings.  The customer viewed our search and was pleasantly surprised that we located all affected areas.  It provided a great sense of relief that all problems were located, and no further damage would occur from this incident.

Ceiling Drywall damage with a big hole and drywall tape hanging down

M-Streets Dallas Area Home Has Flood While on Vacation

A hot water heater in the M-Streets area of Dallas burst while a family was on vacation. The family was gone for a number of days before a friend came to check on the house.

The hot water had done significant damage to the ceilings, walls and hardwood floors including the stairs. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas team was called up to provide water damage remediation services.

Consistent communication with the customer and her onsite contact put them at ease.  It also gave them peace of mind to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

Many wet, swelled particle board baseboards

Bad Remodel Plumbing Equals a Whole House Flood

We received an early morning call from a Far North Dallas customer about water on every square inch of the first floor of their home.  They heard a noise and stepped out of bed right into water.  The home owner's wife was especially in shock and extremely distraught.  They had been in the middle of remodeling a portion of their home.  The plumber had done some incorrect work with one of the pipes causing a leak that occurred throughout the night.  SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was called to extract the water and get the drying started.  

Our team was onsite shortly to walk the owners through the process and calm them down.  As happens on occasion, not only did the plumbing need to be fixed but the electrical setup in the home was not done correctly. Extension cords and a power distribution box were needed to enable equipment to run along with other big appliances like the refrigerator. 

Once extraction occurred and drying was in process, the next step was any necessary demolition.  In this case, that required removing baseboards, carpet pad, and some wall wood paneling.  

Another successful job in the books for SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas as everything was dried out along our scheduled timeline and a happy customer remained.

Tall, warehouse racking with water everywhere on the floor

Cockrell Hill Warehouse Commercial Pipe Burst

Over the last couple years there are been several hard freezes and no matter how big or small you are not spared.  This fortune 100 company had a large warehouse that flooded after a pipe broke due to on of the freezes in the north Dallas area.  This distribution center in Cockrell Hill was left like a mini swimming pool.  The SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas team was there for many long hours getting the water up from a significant portion of the warehouse.  The customer was impressed with the response time and dedication by our mitigation team during one of the local freeze emergencies!


West Dallas Flood During Summer Construction

Summer is when most students are out of school with only a few in class for summer school.  This is usually when planned construction occurs.  A bathroom sink water leak caused water intrusion into a server room as well as a classroom below.

Our team was called out by the construction general contractor on a weekend evening and responded quickly.  Water was extracted and commercial drying equipment (fans and dehumidifiers) was placed.  This includes a specially floor air mover to save the old hardwood floor. We were able to dry the structure out quickly with no demolition needed.  The construction company very satisfied with the work and was able to quickly move forward with their project.

Collage of photos - extracting tools, and commercial dehumidifiers & air movers

Commercial Water Damage in Forest Hills - East Dallas

Commercial water loss in east Dallas, Forest Hills. A faulty toilet overflowed throughout 2 separate floors. SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was there quickly to extract and dry it out. "Like it never even happened."

Collage of pictures showing water and fans on wood and concrete floors

Commercial Burst Pipe in the Cedars - Dallas

A pipe burst in a mixed use commercial & residential building. Water flowed through several floors into a number of office units and conference area locations.  Our team was quickly on the scene to dry out the building with the latest and greatest air movers and dehumidifiers.  We were also able to find "hidden" moisture with our thermal camera.  This customer continues to trust SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas to get the job done for them no matter where in their building an issue occurs.

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas at a commercial loss in Downtown Dallas

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas at a commercial loss in Downtown Dallas

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas at a commercial loss in Downtown Dallas.

SERVPRO Van in front of Commercial Building

Hot Water Heater Leak to Several Floors of Commercial Building Downtown

Another commercial water job in  Downtown Dallas. A hot water heater leaked and flooded an entire unit along with several others but SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was there immediately to take care of one of our valued customers!

Broken Sink Pipe in South Dallas

Broken Sink Pipe in South Dallas

A broken pipe on the second floor of a Dallas home caused water damage to two floors and necessitated an after hours emergency call to our team at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas.  Upon arrival, our technicians extracted the standing water downstairs and from the affected carpet upstairs using a weighted extraction rover.  After extraction, they set up dehumidification and air movement equipment to stabilize the area and start the mitigation and drying process, which usually takes 3-5 days under typical circumstances.  We are available 24/7/365 for emergency services, call us today.

New Construction Window Leak in Oak Cliff

New Construction Window Leak in Oak Cliff

The seals on the windows in a newly constructed townhome in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas unfortunately were discovered to be leaking.  SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas helped to pinpoint the source of the intrusion using moisture meters and thermal cameras, and then helped mitigate by removing the necessary affected materials and dry the excess moisture present in the wood framing before additional issues formed.

NE Dallas Water Damage Due to Rodent!

NE Dallas Water Damage Due to Rodent!

A rodent chewed through a water heater pipe in the attic causing water to seep through the ceiling. Customer needed a trusted, reliable mitigation company to take care of things as he needed to head to work immediately.

Water Damage Remediation from Broken Pipe in Downtown Dallas Loft

Broken Pipe in Downtown Dallas Loft

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas can clean up and dry out areas that have suffered water damage from broken pipes or water heaters.  They have the resources and equipment to tackle jobs that span from one bathroom to many floors of a downtown high rise.  Call us today at 214-463-5880.  

Technician cleaning equipment

Odor Removal from Furniture Using Cleaning and Drying Techniques!

Water damage os all kinds can happen at your home or business. In this instance, SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was called to remove the odor from furniture after water damage. Our team was able to use advanced cleaning, drying, and deodorizing techniques to restore the furniture to its preloss condition. "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas for any emergency large or small.  (214) 463-5880

Water damage from leak in Dallas home before drying and restoration

Water Damage – Dallas Home

Water damage to this Dallas home occurred when the flat roof of the structure failed and allowed water to leak into the house. SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas could facilitate repairs to the roof first to stop the leaking water. Then our industry certified crew would tear out the damaged ceiling drywall and dispose of it properly. The ceiling joists would then be dried along with any other water damaged surfaces.

Drying equipment in Dallas Oak Cliff water damaged home

Water Loss in Oak Cliff

When a busted water line saturates walls and carpeting, fast action can mitigate the water damage in Oak Cliff homes. Our SERVPRO technicians can scope the job and do what is necessary to restore the affected area to its preloss condition, whenever possible. Air moves and a dehumidifier are hard at work removing the remaining moisture from this room.

Water damage to carpet in Kessler area of Dallas

Water Damaged Carpet In Kessler

Don't panic if your carpet suffers water damage; our experts are here to help. Using our state-of-the-art drying, inspection, and extraction equipment we will make it “Like it never even happened.” SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas has the expertise, equipment, and training to restore your home in Kessler to pre-damage condition.

Dallas Water Damaged Ceiling Drywall with water stains

Water Loss in a Dallas Ceiling

A leaking roof often leads to water damage in a Dallas home. The accumulated water can stain the ceiling and create a hazard needing experienced technicians that SERVPRO can provide to clean up and dry out the water loss. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and can mitigate the water damage. Count on us.