Biohazard Photo Gallery

Bedroom with carpet partly cut out and all bedding and mattresses removed

Condominium in Oak Lawn Dallas After Trauma Cleanup

This was a tough situation where an out-of-state brother had not heard from his sibling as he normally does.  He asked for the condominium complex to check on him.  This resulted in the discovery that his brother was deceased. We were asked to disinfect and clean up the trauma scene as well as dispose of biologically affected objects. In this case, all porous materials had to be removed including the carpet, bedding and mattress.  All hard items like the bed frame could be effectively disinfected and cleaned.  The loving sibling was able to enter the crime scene without having to view the harsh aftermath of the death.  He was very thankful for our compassion, quick response to his needs and the thoroughness of the job.

After the cleanup, necessary demolition & deoderization

Biohazard Cleanup in Trinity Groves Apartment Complex

As part of life, people pass away everyday.  This happens under various circumstances and often there is a need to cleanup after this event.  SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas was called to a tragic scene to disinfect, sanitize, deodorize and remove necessary structural items as well as contents at an apartment building in Trinity Groves.  This was done quickly and very discretely.  We understand this is something that can be very shocking to most people and thus keeping a low profile can be essential to our customers.

Bio-hazard Clean Up Near Fair Park

Bio-hazard Clean Up Near Fair Park

This apartment community needed bio-hazard clean up for a tenant's unit.  This involved demo, cleaning, odor removal and disinfecting.  Things like this happen often in multi-unit complexes, we are happy to be the go-to, quick response, reliable partner for numerous communities.

COVID Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

COVID Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas uses CDC approved disinfectants for COVID cleaning and disinfection in commercial and residential properties.  They use the latest techniques and equipment, such as electrostatic sprayers in order to make an area as safe as possible.  

Biohazard Clean-up Technician

Your Biohazard Clean Up Team

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas are trained to remove biohazardous material. We dispose of them according to OSHA, EPA, state, and local health agencies standards.

Sewage backup spill restoration and remediation in Dallas near downtown

Dallas Outdoor Sewage Spill

It is never convenient to experience an outdoor sewage backup or spill, but what matters the most is how you respond to this type of disaster. An outdoor sewage spill can pose a severe threat to people, animals, and the environment. Sewage contains harmful pathogens. This is precisely what one of our Dallas customers experienced.

Should you experience an outdoor sewage spill, it is crucial to take immediate action. Keep your pets and children away from the spill. Avoid all contact with the sewage. Then call SERVPRO of Southwest Dallas (214) 463-5880, we are available 24/7 for your emergency.